Lockwood High School set to open state-of-the-art athletic facilities

LOCKWOOD — Beginning this fall, Lockwood High School will be open to incoming freshman. Along with the new high school comes new, state-of-the-art athletic facilities.

“The community has really been buzzing about those type of things,” Lockwood superintendent Tobin Novasio said. “The kids are really excited, too. They’re pumped to get in and start using those facilities. Our kids deserve as nice a facility as anybody in the state and we’re going to have what I think will be the nicest facility in the state.”

“It’s very exciting, because you are starting all these brand new sports, and you also have brand new facilities, brand new equipment – I think we’re very fortunate to have what we have here,” athletic director Tony Derrig said.

Lockwood will have a turf football field, a 2,700 seat basketball gym with additional standing room, a breezeway that connects to an auxiliary gym and is looking at adding turf to two softball fields. Novasio and Derrig are hoping that the new facilities will lead to state tournament bids down the line.

“Obviously, track is something we’d be interested in, state track,” Novasio said. “I know they’re struggling sometimes to find places to host those. We’re open to all those types of things.”

“I think the trouble that we’ve seen in the past with rain outs and trying to get divisionals in and state in, I think this would be a great place to come. We’ve got softball fields that are turf, ready to go,” Derrig said.

The new facilities are funded by local taxpayers, so Novasio is hoping to bring as much athletic action to the new digs as possible in the years to come.

“We’re excited about being able to fill that gym and being able to host tournaments here and give back to the community by bringing business into the community to offset some of the tax costs,” said Novasio. “We’ll start small with those tournaments and get our people trained and down the road anything is possible. Like we said, we really want to pay back the community by bringing business to the community businesses that have supported us.”

The football field is expected to be ready by the fall, the gymnasiums shortly after and the track in the spring. Lockwood is already putting itself on the map with its top-of-the-line facilities.

Alec Bofinger

Alec Bofinger

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