Scobey’s Cooper and Tucker Gaustad sharing once-in-a-lifetime experience

BUTTE — Cooper and Tucker Gaustad are identical twin brothers. The pair has been a huge part of the Scobey football program the past few seasons. The two brothers have a normal sibling competitiveness, but both realize the opportunity to play together in the “Clev” is something they won’t take for granted.

“It was actually right before our first playoff game, and the coach walked in and said, ‘Yeah, we got three all-state players here and three of you are going to the Clev game,'” Cooper recalled. “And I thought that was pretty cool I get to play with my brother one last time.”

“It makes me feel pretty special, I guess, because my older brother, he came here and got a concussion, so he didn’t get to play,” said Tucker. “My dad’s pretty excited to see both of us out here this weekend.”

The 36th annual Bob Cleverley 8-Man all-star game kicks off at 7 p.m. Saturday at Bob Green Field.

Dom Tibbetts

Dom Tibbetts

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